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Lowrance: Miami Wreck Dives north in Pompano

Posted by Rick Thomas on September 6, 2012 at 6:15 PM

Dive Report Thursday September 6

Gotta love south Florida diving! We had a quorum of Miami Wreck Divers this morning, a team of three.  Alex, David and myself.  We went out with Conrad on the Miss conduct, and dove the Lowrance. We were at the dock at 9am, on the dive site at 10am! Back on the boat just after 11am, and having lunch together by noon. Seas today were glass smooth. Current at the Lowrance was almost non-existent. Visibility today was about 50-feet; not bad. We hot-dropped the wreck from almost directly above her as there was no current. Drifted down onto the wreck and was at mid-ship when we reached the sand. At the bottom near 200-feet of depth we had a thermocline, with the temperature dropping to 69-degrees. Up above 180-feet the water warmed to 78-degrees. We scootered west to the rudder, and then made a 450 foot run the length of her back up to the bow, where we saw a large Goliath hanging out. He stood his ground until David came up to him and tugged his caudal fin, which made him promptly bark at us and move up onto the deck above us! We moved up onto the deck, scootered aft and then dropped down into one of the cargo holds, where we were able to enter a companionway and move further aft into the ship. Soon enough we went back outside the ship and up past the midship superstructure, where the Goliath was now hanging out. We only saw a couple lion fish on the wreck, nothing like on previous dives.

At :25 BT we drifted off the wreck a couple meters and shot our bag from the wreck, spending the next 45 minutes drifting in deco, very warm and relaxing in a 3mm wetsuit. :D Water temperature was a balmy 82-degrees at 70-feet and warmed up to 86-degrees at our 20-foot drift.

Dive safe~  Rick Thomas

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