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Captain Harry / Belzona Triangle

Posted by Joel Svendsen on August 12, 2012 at 8:05 PM



88 degrees,

Seas 2ft to calm

Visibility 70ft

1 Knot Current North


Joel and Matt and captain Carlos took the Tiara out for some recreational diving off Miami. First stop was the Captain Harry Barge in 115ft straight off Government Cut. The surface was calm and no current with green water. At 20ft the clear blue water was running at 1 knot North. We landed in the sand and scootered back the barge.


We last visited the barge over 4 years ago when we were looking for some missing ship wrecks. Originally we were disappointed to find that there was no ship and just a plain ordinary barge. Its is small, but it is packed with fish life that is not visited by fishermen or divers often.


Joel found a baby Goliath grouper hiding in the hold. There were 15 to 20 lionfish scattered over the wreck. At the other end there was a green moray hiding. Several nice Mutton Snappers were off in the sand.


After 15 minutes we drifted off and scootered with the current over the sand. We didn’t find anything. When Joel shot the bag, the 150ft reel almost emptied. We did a 10 minute ascent started at 60ft. At the first stop of saw Joel let all the line off the reel and was just hanging on as I slowly scootered up current to stay next to him.


The seas calmed further when we surfaced.


A quick 30 minute surface interval and we dropped on the Belzona triangle. The water was clear, but still moving at 1 knot North. We hit all three tug boats. Several Tarpon were darting around and 10 of them were congregated at the stern of the Belzona II. It was good to see the limestone boulders DERM set down as a corridor between two of the barges. They are growing over and make good shelter for Tomtate grunts who seek shelter during the day and feed on algea and detritus in the sand at night.


We scootered over the barges. Three big Southern Stingrays were buried in the sand. Two of them took off on my approach and one stayed for me. I love to see how close I can get before they start retracting their wings for lift off. Then images of Steve Irwin come to mind as I imagine the bard on the tail injecting poison into my heart!


Then set off to find some other small tugs that I had never seen and are hard to find as we do not know exactly where they are. We missed them, but went over the wing of the Spirit of Miami. In the sand we found a big Loggerhead Turtle that appeared to be walking across the sand. I scootered over to him and took the some photos, he was didn’t mind and stuck around. I scootered with him and tried to heard him next to Joel for a photo. I miss my photo model. Then we finished up on the South Seas

- Matt

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